The Savior of Hungry (& Lazy) Students

As a first post about my time in college, I would like to provide a list of food hacks for the hungry and the lazy. (I know, YAY!!) When I first came here I pretty much starved because I have no cooking supplies in the dorms and the university’s dining facility isn’t exactly night owl friendly. On top of that, we are all aware of the college student’s budget which means going out to eat every night isn’t the best option, so here’s a list of my 10 favorite microwavable meals in a mug that I have successfully tried and enjoyed:

  1. My favorite dish, microwavable Mac & Cheese!
  2. Rice Crispy Treats
  3. Chilaquiles in a mug!
  4. Breakfast quinoa with cinnamon and maple
  5. Sweet potato chips
  6. Yummy original potato chips
  7. Quiche in a mug (so delicious)
  8. Breakfast omelette in a mug
  9. Banana bread in a mug!!
  10. Cheese and herb muffins

Don’t see anything that looks yummy to you? Google has an infinite number of incredible meals in a mug to try so start searching. Hope this helps all you hungry people out there! 🙂

– Chloe


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