Inspiration of the day

That time I went exploring with my fiancé in Austin. We saw the most beautiful landscapes that day.


Always take interest in the strange things that happen at your university

The longer you’re in college, the more you’ll find that you are currently living in a weirder and weirder place. Walking around between classes you will start to see things that are disturbing yet unexplainable, and they will be the single entertainment of many days. Enjoy that odd thing happen around you. If I wasn’t looking I would have missed the lovely scene in the first picture that I saw in a small window in the engineering building. Great moments. So please scout your university for funny things it’s greatly enjoyable.

– Chloe



Decorating your dorm room?

Dorm rooms are crazy boring unless you make it feel like home. But believe me, it doesn’t have to look so ugly. There are ways to create your own little sanctuary. And yes I really do mean little, dorm rooms are incredibly tiny. Beware.

Add wall decor, please add wall decor! A movie or concert poster would be awesome or even stickers. In my room I put this chalkboard owl up on the wall and had my fiance write to me before he left for the Army so I could think of him. I think I bought it at Target for maybe $10. I used a kids meal sized french fry container from McDonalds taped to the wall to hold the chalk.


Command hooks are your friend. I use them for jewelry, purses and just about everything else. Also, a mirror hanging on the door is a great way to save space and make the room feel bigger.


Choose the layout that makes the room feel the largest! I used to use the desk to get up onto my bed but it just took up too much space for me, hence the second picture. Add christmas lights all over the place and a lava lamp, whatever makes you happy. There are so many ways to personalize your dorm room so that you don’t feel like you’re living in a prison.


I sincerely hope this post has inspired some of you with ideas to make your dorm room a rad place to chill out. No matter how long you plan to live there, make it personal and fun. Trust me, going back to a room you love to be in after hours of homework and studying is the best feeling.

– Chloe

The Savior of Hungry (& Lazy) Students

As a first post about my time in college, I would like to provide a list of food hacks for the hungry and the lazy. (I know, YAY!!) When I first came here I pretty much starved because I have no cooking supplies in the dorms and the university’s dining facility isn’t exactly night owl friendly. On top of that, we are all aware of the college student’s budget which means going out to eat every night isn’t the best option, so here’s a list of my 10 favorite microwavable meals in a mug that I have successfully tried and enjoyed:

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